What is NALA?

NALA is a mobile money application that works with tiGO, Voda and Airtel in making mobile money more convenient for you. Allowing you to send money, buy bundles, make purchases and monitor your transactions all for free.

How do I get the NALA App?

You can download by joining the waitlist here. We have over 41,000 people on our current waitlist and will be releasing our product gradually over time.

What phone companies can I use NALA with?

CurrentLy, Voda, tiGO and Airtel. If you have one of these sim cards, just download the NALA app and we can get started.

Can I send money to someone that does not use the NALA app?

Yes, you can send money to anyone with a tiGO, Airtel, or Voda mobile money account.

Can I use the NALA app if I have no airtime?

Yes. You can complete any transaction as long as you have sufficient balance in your mobile money account and phone connection.

How will I know the status of a payment?

The NALA app will tell you if a transaction was successful, or if it fails for some reason. You can also verify the status of any transaction by checking the SMS receipt from the telco in your SMS inbox.

Is my NALA Pin the same as my mobile money PIN?

Your Nala PIN does not have to be the same as your Mobile Money Pin. Whether it is the same as your mobile money pin, is up to you. We recommend having two separate pins to make it more secure.

When I'm sending money through NALA, which PIN do I use?

You use the same PIN you use for your mobile money wallet (tiGO, Airtel, Voda).

How much do I have to pay to use NALA? Are there any service charges?

Nothing, NALA is free for all users.

How do I know using NALA is safe?

NALA uses Bank Grade Security making sure consumers money are safe in their mobile money wallets.

Can I use NALA if I have no internet/data?

Yes, NALA works completely offline.

What happens if my phone get's stolen, will people be able to move money from NALA?

Your financial security is a top priority of ours at NALA. No one will be able to access your NALA app unless they have your NALA pin.

What happens if I make the wrong transfer, how do I get my money back?

Please call the mobile operator customer care team that you made the money transfer with, if Voda, call 100, If tiGO, call 100, If Airtel, call 100. You will then be asked security questions to verify your identity.

Do I need to have a bank account to use NALA?

No, however, you will need a Mobile Money Account.

Why don't all my transactions show up as CONFIRMED in my transaction history?

Only Send money and Pay bill transactions get marked as CONFIRMED. Buy bundle does not. Cancelled transactions are deleted from the transaction history.

What happens if I do not get an SMS from M-Pesa, tiGO Pesa or Airtel Money confirming the transaction?

This rarely happens, however, if it does, please contact Vodacom, tiGO or Airtel customer care for assistance.

Why do I see a cost when I make a transaction with NALA?

"NALA uses Mobile Money Operators (Vodacom, tiGO and Airtel) to make the transfers. Therefore the cost would be the same cost of using the USSD menus.

  1. Vodacom
  2. tiGO
  3. Airtel