Get to know NALA

What is NALA?

NALA is a mobile money application that simplifies transactions to be more convenient for you. With NALA, you can send money, buy bundles, make purchases and monitor your transactions offline and without charge.

Why did we start NALA?

NALA believes in deepening financial inclusion by giving people financial access to make smarter decisions. Read our message from our CEO on Why we Started NALA.

Who is the NALA Family?

Once you download the NALA App, you are officially part of the NALA Family who believes in the community we are building together.

Who is Mama NALA?

Mama NALA is your personal assistant. She's here to help answer any questions/suggestions you may have about NALA. We are building NALA together and we value your feedback.

NALA 101

Can you use NALA on an iPhone?

No, NALA is currently only available on Android devices and can only be found on the Google PlayStore.

What phone companies can I use NALA with?

Airtel, tiGO, Voda, Halotel and TTCL. If you have one of these sim cards, just download the NALA app and get started. We are working on bringing other networks on NALA.

Can I use NALA if I have no internet/data?

After installation, NALA works completely offline.

Can I send money to someone that does not use the NALA app?

Yes, you can send money to anyone with a mobile money account. Money can be sent to anyone without the NALA app.

Can I use the NALA app if I have no airtime?

Yes. You can complete any transaction as long as you have a phone signal.

Do I need to have a bank account to use NALA?

No, you only need a Mobile Money Account.

How to...

How do I send Money to someone?

STEP 1. Select "Send Money"on the NALA home screen and on the next screen, type in the recipient's phone number. STEP 2. Type in the amount you want to send. If you have two SIMS on NALA, select the SIM that you want to send the money from. STEP 3. A list of Mobile Networks will then show up and let you verify the recipient's Mobile Network. STEP 4. Finally, type in your PIN on the last screen and the money will be sent!

How Do I Pay A Bill using NALA?

STEP 1. Select "Pay Bill" on the NALA home screen. STEP 2. Select what type of bill you would like to pay from our list of bills. STEP 3. Type in your bill reference number and give a nick name for the bill if you would like to save it for later. STEP 4. Type in the amount. STEP 5. Type in your Mobile Money PIN. Your bill is paid!

How do I save a pay bill number?

After you type in your reference number, make sure you Enter your Nickname in the form right under Reference Number thar is labeled as "(Optional) Enter Nickname. After you hit "SAVE" Your Bill will be saved and will show up under "Saved Bills". Whenever you select a saved bill, you do not need to remember or type in the reference number again.

How do I add or replace a SIM/Number on NALA?

STEP 1. Select the settings icon (three vertical dots) on the top right corner of the screen. Select "Settings" . STEP 2. To replace a sim with another one, select whatever Mobile Network you see under "Wallets" and then select "Deactivate Wallet". STEP 3. Select "Add another SIM", choose the SIM you want to activate and select "CONFIRM" at the bottom. Done!

How do I create a NALA PIN?

STEP 1. Select the settings icon (three vertical dots) on the top right corner of the screen. Select "Settings" . STEP 2. Select "Create NALA PIN" STEP 3. Enter your new PIN.

How do I change the language in NALA?

Select the settings icon (three vertical dots) on the top right corner of the screen. At the bottom of the pop-up menu select "Swahili".


How do I know using NALA is safe?

NALA's two factor authentication and Bank Grade Security ensure that your transactions and information are secure. Check out for more information.

Is my NALA Pin the same as my mobile money PIN?

You create your own NALA Pin, so whether it is the same as your mobile money pin is up to you. We recommend having two separate pins for an extra layer of protection.

Does NALA Store my Mobile Money Pin?

NALA never stores our NALA Family's PINs. We use the same global standard encryption that Mastercard and Visa have signed off on.

What happens if my phone is stolen, will people be able to move money from NALA?

To protect your account in the case of a stolen phone, we suggest creating a NALA PIN for extra security. This way, no one can make transactions from your account unless they know your NALA PIN and mobile money pin.

NALA Features

How much do I have to pay to use NALA? Are there any service charges?

While NALA is FREE for all you, the NALA Family, regular service charges from your mobile money network still apply.

Why do I see a cost when I make a transaction with NALA?

NALA supports Mobile Money Operators (Voda, tiGO and Airtel, TTCL and Halotel) to make the transfers. Therefore the cost would be the same as using the USSD menus - Click on an operator to see the transaction cost.

1. tiGO

2. Voda

3. Airtel Money

4. Halopesa

5. TTCL Pesa


How do I get help from Customer Care(Mama NALA)?

STEP 1. Select the settings icon (three vertical dots) on the top right corner of the screen. Select "Settings" STEP 2. Select "Chat With Mama NALA" STEP 3. Select your preferred way of communicating with Mama NALA. You can get help from Mama NALA on WhatsApp, Faceboook, or Email.

Transaction Status Messages

How will I know the status of a payment?

The NALA app will tell you if a transaction was successful or if it fails. You can also verify the status of any transaction by checking the SMS receipt from your mobile network.

When I make a transaction, which PIN do I use?

When you make a mobile money transaction, you use your mobile money PIN. Your optional NALA PIN is only used to unlock the application when you open it.

What happens if I make the wrong transfer, how do I get my money back?

Please call(100) the mobile operator customer care team that you made the money transfer with, . You will then be asked security questions to verify your identity.

What happens if I do not get an SMS from my mobile operator confirming the transaction?

This rarely happens, however, if it does, please contact your mobile money customer care number (100) for assistance.

What does MMI Error mean?

An MMI Error means there is a network problem and is out of NALA's control. Try restarting your phone or contact your mobile operator.