NALA is a Fintech company currently operating in Dar es Salaam, working to build smartphone-based mobile money products that simplify mobile money transactions. Our mission is to improve accessibility, affordability, and efficiency of digital financial services.

These roles allow you to gain valuable experience working in a team to enhance your skillset in marketing, computer science, finance, or operations. Any NALA user can apply for an Ambassador Position.



If you are interested in working at NALA, please fill out an application here below. We don’t have a deadline and will evaluate applications as they come in.

NALA Ambassador Program

As a NALA Ambassador you get access, win prizes depending on your performances and are part of a community that believes in financial inclusion in Africa.

NALA Ambassador Program : Apply Here

NALA Uganda - Product Support Lead

As a product support lead, you will help us set up operations in Uganda, brainstorm market strategies and perform quality assurance testing before deployment of release of product. Product support leads will also be responsible for listening to users, picking up feedback and turning those into actionable deliverables.

Product Support Lead: Apply here

Lead Software Engineer

As a lead software engineer, you will work with the executive team to develop product strategy and design the technical architecture to implement that strategy. Lead software engineer will also manage a team of engineers, analyze data from the mobile app and manage the implementation of analytics

Lead Software Engineer: Apply here

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