NALA is a Fintech company currently operating in Dar es Salaam, working to build smartphone-based mobile money products that simplify mobile money transactions. Our mission is to improve accessibility, affordability, and efficiency of digital financial services.

This unpaid internship allows you to gain valuable experience working in a team to enhance your skillset in marketing, computer science, finance, or operations. Any NALA user can apply for an Ambassador Position.



If you are interested in working at NALA, please fill out an application here below. We don’t have a deadline and will evaluate applications as they come in. Deadline - December 13th 2018.

NALA Ambassador Program

As a NALA Ambassador you get access, win prizes depending on your performances and are part of a community that believes in financial inclusion in Africa.

NALA Ambassador Program : Apply Here


As a Marketing/Design Intern, you will help NALA manage their social media presence through creating new and original content. Interns will also be responsible for creating visual designs and layouts for NALA's website as well as spearheading and managing NALA's campaigns and marketing initiatives. As a Marketing/Design intern, you can further develop your technical design skills as well as put your creativity into action.   

Marketing/Design Intern: Apply Here


As a Finance/Operations Intern, you will be responsible for keeping detailed accounts of NALA's finances, learning how to apply accounting concepts to a real-life, ever-changing company. Interns will also be responsible for organizing NALA's logistical operations and providing support in planning NALA's future activities. 

Finance/Operations Intern: Apply Here

Computer Science: Front-End /Back-End Developer

As a front-end developer, you will work to make interfaces user-friendly and appealing, as well as manage Android application versions and release history. Interns will also work with QA and product to design integration and usability test plans.

Front-End Developer: Apply Here

As a back-end developer, you will be focusing on coding and debugging the application while also writing clean code to develop web applications. Back-end developers will also be responsible for addressing and fixing technical and design issues, as well as working to maintain and improve application performance.

Back-End Developer: Apply Here

Thank you for taking the time to visit NALA. Stay up to date with our progress on Social Media. #NALAFasta